Blue evolution ?!

Blue Evolution Aquatechnology is a spin-off from Hermann Hundt engineering, founded in 1897.

With more than 100 years of experience in electrical engineering, Blue Evolution Aquatechnology builts fish production and research facilities of outstanding reliability and simple operation.


Dr. Matthias Hundt

Blue Evolution Aquatechnology

Matthias Hundt received his Master of Sciences in Marine Biology with a focus on fish biology from the University of Bergen in Norway. He completed his PhD at the Institute for Environmental Sciences at the University of Koblenz-Landau.

Starting with a position as a technician in the Aquatic Behavioral Ecology group at the University of Bergen, Matthias Hundt was involved in the planning, construction, and operation of several recirculating aquaculture systems for keeping fish and crustaceans. During this time he carried out experiments on the behavior, physiology, and aquaculture of various fish species (cod, salmon, shad, whitefish, trout, zebrafish).

At the Institute for Marine Resources in Bremerhaven, Matthias Hundt dealt with biological aspects in the construction of offshore aquaculture systems for various fish species in the North Sea.

In addition to planning and carrying out laboratory tests on physiological and toxicological aspects of fish biology, Matthias Hundt was involved in numerous studies in natural aquatic systems. Among other things, he examined the effects of pesticides at the Helmholtz centre for  Environmental Research, as well as the upwelling areas on the west coast of Africa on board the research vessel G.O. SARS. at the University of Bergen.


Dipl. Ing. Wolfgang Hundt

Hermann Hundt Ing. GmbH

Wolfgang Hundt has been involved in the planning and construction of electrical engineering systems for over 30 years and, as the long-standing managing director of Hermann Hundt engineering, was able to implement numerous industrial projects. This includes not only the provision of emergency power supply for critical infrastructures such as data centers or hospitals but also the energy supply and motor control for industrial plants. In addition, he was particularly active in the field of measurement technology and switchgear construction for various types of power plants (wind power, photovoltaics, nuclear power) and several research institutes.


Planning and installation of measurement and control technology, energy technology and emergency supply systems for aquaculture and labs

In all aquatic husbandry systems, the measurement and control of the abiotic environmental factors is a prerequisite for the optimization of water quality. We can help you to develop an effective solution for the measurement and control of all parameters relevant to your application and thereby guarantee optimal water quality. Furthermore, we can integrate many additional factors such as automatic feeders, lighting and emergency systems in the event of a power failure or the failure of pumps into your control architecture.

Design, dimensioning and construction of aquaculture systems and their components

With our interdisciplinary team of experts, we can design different types of technical aquaculture systems according to your requirements. By integrating specific biological aspects of the species to be cultivated into the design process, as well as hydrodynamic modeling and hydraulic dimensioning, we are able to optimize your husbandry system. We have several years of experience in the construction of housing systems for different types of freshwater and saltwater. This includes professional recirculating aquaculture systems and flow-through systems, as well as compact filter solutions and individualized multirack laboratory systems. Perfect water quality is ensured by multi-stage filtration processes according to the requirements of the target species.


Optimization of the oxygen supply concept for fish farms and recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)

In intensive aquaculture operations, oxygen is the most important limiting factor in terms of optimizing growth, feed conversion ratio, and health. In order to develop optimal oxygen supply concepts, various location-dependent, technological, and biological factors must be taken into account. By carefully analyzing the requirements for your aquaculture operation and integrating the oxygen supply concept into the measurement and control technology, we are able to minimize the production costs of your system and at the same time increase safety and control over your production conditions.

International product sales

We only sell aquaculture technology and monitoring technology of the highest quality. Together with the component manufacturers, we actively participate in the design and test process of the products we sell and can therefore guarantee optimal performance and smooth service.