microscreen drumfilters

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A. closed construction for pipe connection


B. open construction for flow


Drum filter function:

Micro sieve filtration using a drum filter is currently the most common method in professional aquaculture to automatically remove suspended matter from the water. The functional principle of this mechanical solids separation is based on a filter fabric (microsieve filter) through which water flows. The suspended matter / particles adhere to the filter fabric and are automatically washed out. The SENECT control FILTER | CONTROL detects the degree of contamination of the filter fabric and triggers cleaning if necessary: ​​the drum rotates and the spray pump is activated so that the particles adhering to the filter fabric are flushed into the drainage channel. As part of the filtering process of RAS drum filters perform the following tasks: - Reduction of the load of organic particles to the biofilter and thus prevention of clogging (clogging) of the biofilter - Stabilization of the biofiltration process - Clarification of the water by removing particles - Reduction of the attachment area for bacteria



  • available in open (for use in flow channels) and closed (with pipe connections) design

  • for flow rates from 5 to 300 l / s or 18 - 1000 m3 / hour at 20 mg solids content (TSS)

  • 60 µm stainless steel filter fabric (other mesh sizes/fabric types on request)

  • intelligent WLAN control: Online access via internet and alarm messages on smartphone, tablet or PC

  • frequency converter and spray pump

  • Individual customization possible 100% Made in Germany

  • Compact design: high flow rate with small external dimensions by a greater immersion depth of the drum:

    • Large flow rates can be realized on a small footprint.

    • A larger part of the available filter area is used and thus less of the unused tissue is cleaned. This reduces water consumption.

    • The stability of the construction is increased.

  • Extremely low maintenance: Belt and chainless drive system, the high wear resistance of the bearings, automatic intensive cleaning One goal of our drum filters is to enable the lowest possible maintenance. The clever drive concept using a pinion gear is an important aspect here since typical wearing parts such as Belts, chains, or plastic gears can be avoided. The use of particularly wear-resistant bearings that do not need to be lubricated is another plus.

  • Fully automated cleaning with the SENECT filter controls: More effective by powerful and intelligent cleaning programs such as intensive cleaning- program. The intensive cleaning is carried out regularly and reduces the blocking of the filter fabric e.g. due to limescale.

  • Easy and inexpensive to change filter fabric: With our drum filters, we consciously do without the use of filter panels or cells. The covering without panel enables the use of different filter fabrics and thus ensures a cheaper, but also the flexible replacement of the filter gauze.

  • Efficient in operation: Our drum filters not only aim to be as low-maintenance as possible but also to save water and energy! This is achieved through a combination of the selection of components, the design, and the intelligent control technology from SENECT:

    • The covering of the drum with filter fabric (without filter panels) ensures that as little water as possible remains on the drum components during cleaning and is transported into the dirt channel.

    • The large immersion depth of the drum enables the use of a large part of the filter fabric, thereby avoiding that the clean part of the filter fabric that has not yet been immersed is unnecessarily cleaned.

    • The control enables exact control so that the drum does not make a full rotation, but only the dirty tissue is cleaned.

    • The EcoMode of the control causes water level-controlled partial rotations of the drum and thus saves up to 50% of the water


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