aeration , oxygenation & Ozonation technology

Aeration & Oxygenation

In intensive aquaculture systems oxygen is usually the first limiting factor with regard to optimizing growth, feed conversion ratio and welfare of any cultured species.


Therefore aeration and oxygenation technology can ce considered to be of prime importance in order to optimize production performance in your aquaculture facility. 


By serving as emergency life support systems oxygenation systems can furtherly improve your production safety substantially.


When designing optimal oxygenation concepts for any aquaculture project various site specific, technological  and biological aspects have to be taken into consideration. By carefully analysing the requirements of your aquaculture operation and integrating the oxygenation concept into the measuring & control architecture, we will be able to minimize expenditure for oxygen production and simultaneously increase system security and control.


We provide various relevant system components when it comes to optimizing your aquaculture system in order to minimize expenditure for oxygen production and aeration and simultaneously optimize system stability and control.


Due to the various factors influencing system performance (site specific criteria, epecies specific criteria, system design). We recommend contacting us in case of questions.



Ozonization can serve in various function in RAS, aquaria and any other aquatic holding facility. As ozone (O3) is a technical gas similar to oxygen (O2) many of the components for setting up a osonisation system are similar.

  • It is highly effective in removing organics, pesticides, color and nitrates.
  • It oxidizes long chain molecules, which biofiltration cannot do.
  • It can be used as a sterilizer, before during and after water is used for aquaculture.
  • It reverts back to oxygen quickly and therefore has the secondary benefit of increasing the level of dissolved oxygen in the water column. U
  • It can easily be produced on site with ozone gernerators with no electricity near the water.
  • It is economical and non polluting, when used properly.
  • Ozonization improves biological filtration and particulate filtration and considered particularly useful in combination with foam fractionation.e.g. in combination with  protein skimmers.
  • It can remove the biological oxygen demand in the water.
Basic setup for aquatic holding facilities. Featuring all relevant system components for measuring & controlling dissolved oxygen
Basic setup for aquatic holding facilities. Featuring all relevant system components for measuring & controlling dissolved oxygen
ENVIROCERAMIC ceramic Diffusor ECO3D 200 for ozone
The diffusor ECO3D 200 is designed to optimize ozone gase diffusion efficiency during the water sterilization process in aquaculture. The high transfer efficiency reduces the operation costs for ozone dosing significantly.   Wi ... (Read More)
409,00 € 2
ENVIROCERAMIC high pressure ceramic Diffusor ECD20
The diffusor ECD200 and the larger ECD400 are specially designed to maximise the oxygen transfer efficiency in aquaculture. This maximization in turn reduces the operation costs for aeration, oxygenation or ozone dosing.   With ... (Read More)
From 199,00 € 2
ENVIROCERAMIC low pressure ceramic diffusor ECD200
The diffusor ECD200N is specially developed to produce small bubbles even under low pressure to maximise the oxygen transfer efficiency. With a higher efficiency, less oxygen is lost to the atmosphere. That´s why the efficient ECD can reduce ... (Read More)
199,00 € 2
SENECT flow regulator DY112
The flow regulator  is specifically designed for the use in fish farms. With the adjustment wheel you can tune the flow while the pressure gauge informs you about the operating pressure.   The flow regulator is the optimal combinat ... (Read More)
From 139,00 € 2



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