Dr. Hundt received his Master of Science degree in Marine Biology with a focus on fish physiology and behaviour  from the University of Bergen (Norway) and his doctoral grade in Environmental sciences from the University of Koblenz-Landau (Germany).


Dr.  Hundt has  been involved in the design, contruction and operation of various fresh water and marine aquaculture systems and research facilities, where he performed research on fish-physiology, fish-behaviour and aquaculture.  Starting as a technician at the University of Bergen he has been responsible for the care and maintenance of  several fish species  including Salmon, Cod, Brown trout, Allis shad, whitefish, loach and zebrafish. As a research assistant of the Institute for Marine resources in Bremerhaven (Germany) he focused on the selection of suitable fish species for Open Ocean Aquaculture in the German bight. His main research focus lies in the aquaculture and conservation of endangered fish species.


Additional to his laboratory work regarding aquacultural, ecological, physiological and toxicological factors of fish biology Dr. Hundt carried out extensive field work in marine and freshwater environments, as for example during a research cruise to the northern Benguela region with the norwegian research vessel G.O. SARS.

Dr rer. nat. (Environmental Sciences) Matthias Hundt

Email: m.hundt@blue-evo.com



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