SENECT FILTER|CONTROL Sensor-based Filter Control

The  SENECT FILTER|CONTROL is a sensor based control unit for mechanical filtration devices such as microsceen drumfilters or belt filter systems.


By combining reliable hydrostatic pressure sensors  and intelligent adaptive software the SENECT FILTER|CONTROL can assist you in reducing maintenance costs and operation security of your aquaculture system, while simultaneously minimizing water loss and energy expenditure of your microscreen filtration device.


All SENECT control units can be freely combined and embedded in a network so that you can manage you entire aquaculture system with one program (mobile app or personal computer).  This allows you to control all units remotely, being able to receive alarm messages and operating the system from your office. Additionally, by using tablet PCs, you can set all the settings conveniently while standing in front of your tanks or pond.



  • Suitable for any drum or belt filter
  • Reliable hydrostatic pressure sensor technology
  • Eco- and Dynamic-Mode: water- and energy-saving
  • WLAN: online alarm and monitoring

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