SENECT MONITOR|4 WLAN Monitoring Controller

The SENECT MONITOR|4  is a powerful monitoring controller capable of measuring and storing up to 4 different water quality criteria simultaneously.


MONITOR|4  is not only a perfect tool to monitor important environmental factors in professional aquaculture, but also highly suitable as a monitoring device for scientific purposes, where it can be used as a data logging unit in laboratory and field studies.


All SENECT control units can be freely combined and embedded in a network so that you can manage you entire aquaculture system with one program (mobile app or personal computer).  This allows you to control all units remotely, being able to receive alarm messages and operating the system from your office. Additionally, by using tablet PCs, you can set all the settings conveniently while standing in front of your tanks or pond.



  • Monitoring water quality with up to 4 sensors
    • e.g. 1 x dissolved oxygen, 1 x pH, 1 x ORP, 1 x conductivity (temperature inclusive with O2S and conductivity sensors)
    • or 2 x water level and 2 x dissoved oxygen
  • Free choice of SENECT sensors
  • Embedded barometer sensor
  • Data storage
  • Wireless data transmission via WLAN – Remote access and alarming by and on your android or iOS phone

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