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 Microsieve filtration by means of a drum filter is currently the most common method in professional aquaculture to remove particles up to a minimum size of approx. 10 micrometres from the water.


Drum filters are characterized by gentle operation, low maintenance and high efficiency. In addition, drum filters can be operated with minimal pressure loss. The main advantages of this technology are the fully automatized removal of solid waste - not only capturing the particles with manual backwashing - and the well-proven mechanical base design which makes drum filters ideal for applications with high flow rates.


The principle of particle filtration of drum filters is based on the mechanical trapping of particles. The water, loaded with suspended solids flows through the filter screen, where the particles are trapped. The control unit detects the clogging of the filter mesh and activates the backwashing process to clean the filter mesh and wash the dirt particles into the waste water outlet.


Drum filters can be used for a variety of purposes and can be found in open pond or raceway systems as well as recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). As part of the RAS filtration process, drum filters perform the following tasks: - Reduction of the load of organic particles to the biofilter and thus prevention of clogging of the biofilter - Stabilization of the biofiltration process - clarification of the water by removal of particles - Reduction of the attachment surface for bacteria.


We only sell German produced drum filters of the highest quality. Since we work very closely with the manufacturers also special requests in terms of material selection, control, connectivity, etc. are possible.  Hence we can optimize any type of personalized Microsieve filtration system to your needs.

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