SENECT electrochemical pH Sensor XR1

The SENECT pH Sensor XR1 measures the pH value of water reliable and precise.


The proven and well established principle of electrochemical measurements with electrodes is used by the XR1 to deliver accurate results with simple maintenance and calibration.


Another advantage of the XR1: due to its plug connector, the electrodes can be easily and cost-effective replaced.

The pH Sensor XR1 is suitable for many applications. It is used in fresh- and seawater monitoring and pH controlling applications in aquaculture and science.



  • Precise pH measurements
  • Range pH 4 to pH 10
  • Transducer in silicone housing
  • Electrode replaceable (with BNC connector)
  • Ideal for aquaculture and monitoring

299,00 €

  • Verfügbar
  • Versand in 3-5 Tagen1



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