The ECD200 and larger ECD400 diffusers are specifically designed to maximize oxygen supply efficiency.


As a result, less oxygen is lost to the atmosphere and the diffuser can help reduce operating costs in fish farms.


The use of a special ceramic creates the finest gas bubbles, which accelerates gas exchange. The antimicrobial ceramic also prevents fouling, so that the air vents only have to be checked and cleaned if necessary every 3 to 6 months.


The "airlift principle": due to the ring-shaped design usually transports low-oxygen bottom water upwards, thus increasing efficiency.


Together with the SENECT control units, the O2S oxygen sensor and the M7 solenoid valve, the ECD diffusers form an extremely efficient and powerful oxygen delivery system.



  • High efficiency due to extremely small gas bubbles
  • Antimicrobial ceramics reduce biofouling
  • Ring shape promotes the aeration of water at the bottom
  • For 1.5 to 3 l (ECD200) or 3 to 6 l (ECD400) at 1 to 2 bar
  • G1 / 8 "internal thread with 7 mm hose nozzle

ENVIROCERAMIC ECD high pressure ceramic diffuser

ECD type

    Blue Evolution Aquatechnology

    Heinrich-Stützel-Strasse 11

    76829 Landau


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