The PowerGuard power monitor provides information by phone call and SMS notification in the event of a power failure


The power supply is monitored by simply plugging the adapter into the socket. Alternatively, any other 12VDC power supply can be used.


The PowerGuard has two additional inputs (NO / NC). By connecting devices or external sensors, he can evaluate and transmit much more. The module is ready for operation and easy to install. Alarms are transmitted via the internal GSM module.


After inserting the SIM card, the programmed phone numbers are called and text messages are sent via SMS. Sensors or devices can be connected to the NO / NC outputs.


In the event of an alarm, the detector sends an SMS notification and a call to up to five different phone numbers. Various settings, such as Alarm delays in the event of a power failure, alarm delays in the inputs, user-defined alarm texts, etc. are easy to program.


The detector is equipped with batteries that ensure operation during a power failure. During battery operation, the detector works in "low power mode" to protect the batteries. Pending messages are still transmitted.

GSM module PowerGuard

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