The SBA TR microscreen drum filter is characterized by particularly reliable drive and bearing technology, as well as by outstanding workmanship.


Like all SBA drum filters, the TR line is manufactured entirely in Germany. The SBA TR is designed for a flow rate between 30000 l / h and 120000 l / h and is available in 3 different versions:

TR line: drum filter with low installation height and elongated drum, ideal for installation in the gravity system below the water level in Koi ponds , Circulation systems, swimming ponds and much more.

TR-BIG: Drum filter with larger drum diameter and small footprint, particularly suitable for installation in circulatory systems or display aquariums with limited space requirements

TR-BIO: Drum filter with integrated biofilter, ideal for installation in laboratory buildings, small breeding systems, display aquariums. 


Performance features of all SBA TR filters :

Powerful SEW geared motor

High-quality brass nozzles Lid can be attached on both sides

Safety shutdown when opening

Completely stainless steel 1.4301

Unscrewable and wide flushing channel

Drum engagement from the front Large dirt scoops

Delivery with flushing pump without control technology

Because microscreen drum filters should be optimized with regard to material selection, control technology, diameter and number of pipe sockets and preferred screen diamter we recommend to fill out our drumfilter order form

    SBA| TR microscreen drumfilter