Optimal feeding - even with the smallest quantities and fry feed.


For small pellet sizes and dust feed Even the smallest doses are possible. Feed protected against the ingress of moisture. LEDs for attracting before / during feeding. The SENECT automatic fry feeder is developed to feed dust or small-grain feed in small doses. A special feature of this feeder is the sealed feed opening, which prevents the ingress of moisture and clumping of the feed. The integrated LEDs can be switched on shortly before feeding with the SENECT control technology, so that the fish are attracted and only then are they fed.


All SENECT control units¹ have a powerful, extensive menu to enable optimal feeding. Calibrating the automatic feeder to match the used feed makes it possible to feed specifically defined quantities and also to adapt these quantities to the respective water temperature in accordance with the specifications of the feed manufacturer².  In addition, timing of feeding and fed amount can be controlled by other parameters² (e.g. no feding if the oxygen content is too low).


 If your system is equipped with an oxygen supply device, you can also increase the oxygen content prior to feeding so that the feed can be optimally utilized.

¹ except FILTER | CONTROL and MONITOR | 4, ² each sensor required, e.g. Oxygen sensor O2S, temperature sensor TMP


The following additional functions are offered by combining this automatic feeder with SENECT controls:

  • Feeding according to a timer (TimerTable Mode)
  • Regular feeding mode (Interval Mode)
  • Calibrating the automatic feeder (determining the amount of feed per second) - Daily Feeding a feed quantity distributed over the set times
  • Daily increase of the feed quantity
  • Oxygen monitoring: No feeding under a certain oxygen saturation
  • Air pressure monitoring: No feeding under a certain air pressure
  • Temperature monitoring: No feeding outside a defined temperature range
  • Temperature compensation: Temperature compensation based on of the feed manufacturer's data sheet
  • Coupling with other alarms: No feeding if there is another alarm (e.g. filter in dry running protection)
  • The strength can be influenced via the signal strength in the Output signal menu, e.g. to feed the same amount of feed over a longer period.

SENECT automatic fry feeder

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