The SENECT CON conductivity sensors measure the electrical conductivity of liquids reliably, precisely and temperature-compensated. By measuring the conductivity, the SENECT control units calculate the salinity / salinity (e.g. in PSU).


The inductive measuring method does not not only ensure precise measurements, but is also maintenance-free  and simple to  calibrate.


The CON conductivity sensor is available in several versions with different measuring ranges: the CON2 with its measuring range from 0 to 2000 µS / cm is ideally suited for fresh water applications, while the CON50 is used for salt water applications.


Accurate and long-term stable conductivity measurements
Measuring range 0 to 2 mS / cm (typ. Fresh water applications CON2) or 0 to 50 mS / cm (typ. Salt water applications CON50)

Integrated temperature sensor
Corrosion-free, Ideal for use in aquaculture and monitoring

SENECT CON conductivity sensor