Pressure sensor - EDS Precise pressure measurement for monitoring or control


Various measuring ranges available (2.5, 4 and 6 bar)


Practically maintenance-free Ideal for monitoring ventilation or oxygen lines A wide range of possibilities through pressure detection.


The SENECT pressure sensor EDS measures the pressure using the piezoresistive membrane printing process.


This method makes the measurement long-term stable and therefore suitable for monitoring compressed air or oxygen lines.


Also pressurized water pipes, e.g. the spray rod pressure line of drum filters can be monitored with the EDS. In addition to pure monitoring, the measured values ​​can also be used for switching and control tasks.


Application examples include the measurement of the line pressure of the oxygen line, so that in the event of a fault (e.g. oxygen tank empty, oxygen generator defective, leakage), an alarm message reaches the user and oxygen dosing is stopped.

SENECT pressure sensor EDS