The SENECT FILTER | CONTROL is a sensor-based control unit for the operation of mechanical filter systems such as microsieve drum filters or belt filter systems.


Through the combination of extremely reliable hydrostatic pressure sensors and intelligent adaptive software, the SENECT FILTER | CONTROL can help to minimize the costs for energy and water loss during the filtration process and at the same time optimize the operational safety of your aquaculture system.


All SENECT control units can be freely combined with each other in a network. This enables you to operate all controls of your aquaculture company with one program (computer program or smartphone app). This enables you to control each individual control comfortably from your desk on the computer or with the tablet directly at the fish tank, as well as to receive warning messages anywhere and at any time.



  • Suitable for any type of drum or belt filter
  • High safety level: By precise water level monitoring ​​and intelligent evaluation in the Eco and Dynamic mode SENECT FILTER | CONTROL ensures economical and safe operation 
  • WLAN: Alarm messages and monitoring online

SENECT FILTER|CONTROL sensor-based filter control unit