The Classic & Outdoor Plus fish feeder - flexibly adaptable to your needs


Automated fish feeding is an integral part of aquaculture. The SENECT Klassik automatic feeder has been used worldwide for years due to its solid design and sophisticated technology. It covers a wide range of applications, from rearing to long-flow basins to individual test facilities in universities.

The precise and constant feeding quantities ensure an even filter load, especially in RAS (recirculating aquaculture system). This significantly reduces the peak loads for the biofilter. The Klassik / Outdoor Plus fish feeder does the feeding for you! This automation not only saves time, it also saves you physical work.


The stainless steel spiral screw inside the automatic feeder reliably feeds feed of various sizes? up to 9 mm. Even the smallest quantities can be fed precisely and economically throughout the day. The screw conveyor is infinitely variable and drives the feed in batches. This leads to interval feeding, which promotes an even growth of your fish.


The Klassik fish feeder can be flexibly adapted to your needs and can be combined with a variety of container sizes. Special customer requests can also be realized, such as B. a plexiglass container. An individual adjustment of the screw conveyor motor for very low feeding quantities can be implemented at any time.


Intelligent control of automatic feeders with the SENECT control units

All SENECT control units¹ have a powerful, extensive menu to enable optimal feeding. Calibrating the automatic feeder to match the feed used makes it possible to feed specifically defined quantities and also to adapt these quantities to the respective water temperature in accordance with the specifications of the feed manufacturer². In addition, links can be made with other parameters², so that e.g. is not fed if the oxygen content is too low. If your system is equipped with an oxygen addition device, you can also increase the oxygen content before feeding so that the feed can be optimally utilized.


¹ except MONITOR | 4, ² respective sensor required, e.g. Oxygen sensor O2S, temperature sensor TMP


A combination of this automatic feeder with SENECT controls offers the following additional functions:
- Feeding after a timer (TimerTable Mode)
- Intermittent mode feeding
- Calibration of the automatic feeder (determination of the amount of feed per second)
- Daily feeding of a quantity of feed distributed over the set times
- Daily increase in the amount of feed
- Oxygen monitoring: No feeding below a certain oxygen saturation
- Air pressure monitoring: No feeding under a certain air pressure
- Temperature monitoring: No feeding outside a specified temperature range
- Temperature compensation: temperature compensation based on the data sheet of the feed manufacturer
- Coupling with other alarms: No feeding if there is another alarm (e.g. filter in dry-running protection)
- Light stimulation: attracting the brood by light (in connection with the Senect brood feeder)

The strength can be influenced via the signal strength in the Output signal menu, e.g. to feed the same amount of feed over a longer period.

Additional functions
Additional functions can be activated and the automatic feeder calibrated in the menu item "Automatic feeder".

Calibration of the automatic feeder:
The calibration of the automatic feeder is necessary in order to use the "daily feed quantity" function. The calibration is carried out via two points. Start the calibration with a point and catch the ejected feed, weigh it and then enter the weight. Repeat this step for the second calibration point. You will then be shown how many grams are ejected per second.

Additional function: daily Amount of feed
By activating the "Daily feed quantity" function, the "Daily feed quantity" menu item is activated. In this menu, the desired daily amount of feed in grams can be set. The control calculates the amount per feeding from the stored calibration and the number of feedings (number of timer table entries or number of interval feedings). The interval duration is overwritten. The daily amount of feed is based on the recommendation at 16 ° C. The 16 ° C need not be taken into account if no temperature correction is to be carried out (see below).

Additional function: daily Rate of increase
By activating the "daily rate of increase" function, d

SENECT automatic feeder Klassik/Outdoor Plus