The SENECT Fish Feeder is designed for the automated feeding of fish of medium to large pellets. With its rotor dispenser, the feed can be portioned in small quantities so that many feedings per day are possible. The plug-and-play installation makes installation with the SENECT control units easy. The automatic feeder can be easily installed with the supplied bracket, e.g. on a wall next to the tank.


For pellets from 2 to 9 mm
Volume 7 l (~ 5 kg feed)
Wall bracket included
Cost-effective automatic feeder

Intelligent control of automatic feeders with the SENECT control units

All SENECT control units¹ have a powerful, extensive menu to enable optimal feeding. Calibrating the automatic feeder to match the feed used makes it possible to feed specifically defined quantities and also to adapt these quantities to the respective water temperature in accordance with the specifications of the feed manufacturer². In addition, links can be made with other parameters², so that e.g. is not fed if the oxygen content is too low. If your system is equipped with an oxygen addition device, you can also increase the oxygen content before feeding so that the feed can be optimally utilized.

¹ except MONITOR | 4, ² respective sensor required, e.g. Oxygen sensor O2S, temperature sensor TMP

SENECT Indoor Feeder 7 l / 5 kg

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