The SENECT MONITOR | 4 is a powerful monitoring unit that can measure 4 different water quality parameters at the same time and save the measured values. Therefore, MONITOR | 4 is not only suitable for comprehensive water quality control in any aquaculture application, but also represents an excellent monitoring tool for a wide range of scientific purposes that, thanks to its wireless Internet connection, can store measured values ​​directly on your computer.


All SENECT control units can be freely combined with each other in a network. This enables you to operate all controls of your aquaculture company with one program (computer program or smartphone app). This enables you to control each individual control comfortably from your desk on the computer or with the tablet directly at the fish tank, as well as to receive warning messages anywhere and at any time.



  • Monitor the water quality with up to 4 sensors e.g. Oxygen, pH, ORP, conductivity or, for example, 2 x water level and 2 x oxygen sensors can be freely selected and combined
  • Including barometer function
  • Data storage Wireless data transmission via WLAN
  • remote access and alarm via smartphone

SENECT|MONITOR4 control unit