The SENECT O2S oxygen sensor reliably measures the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water.


Based on the principle of optical luminescence, the O2S sensor not only provides precise measurement values ​​that are independent of the flow, but also ensures minimal maintenance and calibration effort.


In contrast to conventional electrode-based oxygen sensors, no electrolyte has to be refilled and the sensor contains no wearing parts. This does not apply to the sensor cap, which can be easily replaced by unscrewing it after more than 1,000,000 measurements.


These advantages make the SENECT Sensor O2S ideally suited for many applications where accurate and reliable oxygen measurements are important, such as oxygen control in aquaculture or science.


Features: Long-term stable measured values ​​thanks to the optical measuring principle Measuring range 0 - 20 mg O2 per l / 0 - 200% saturation Low maintenance With exchangeable sensor cap Ideal for aquaculture and monitoring

SENECT O2S optical oxygen sensor

SKU: 2100