The SENECT | ONE is a compact and versatile control unit for controlling and regulating the water quality, as well as for controlling additional actuators such as Automatic feeders.


The SENECT | ONE was primarily designed for operation in professional aquaculture and is there to measure oxygen and temperature directly at the breeding tank and at the same time control oxygen supply, automatic feeders, dosing units and other actuators depending on the sensor values.


SENECT | ONE is ideally suited to be integrated into the emergency systems of your aquaculture system and to ensure the oxygen supply to the fish in the event of pump failure or complete power outages and at the same time to send a warning message to your smartphone via the Internet.


The SENECT | ONE requires only a single 230V connection for operation and the complete connection to the measurement and control architecture is via WLAN. This guarantees SENECT | ONE 100% scalability and flexibility for your aquaculture company.


All SENECT control units can be freely combined with each other in a network. This enables you to operate all controls of your aquaculture company with one program (computer or smartphone). This enables you to control each individual control comfortably from your desk on the computer or with the tablet directly at the fish tank, as well as to receive warning messages anywhere and at any time.



  • One controller for all important functions:
  • Measure and control a parameter (e.g. oxygen)
  • Feed
  • Monitor
  • Wireless data transmission via WLAN - remote access and alarm via smartphone
  • Simple installation - simple operation
  • Scalable: for small and large systems

SENECT|ONE multifunctional aquaculture control unit